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people strategies

We provide services for leadership development, succession plans, workforce planning, key talent retention strategies, training and more.  

culture initiatives

Culture is created, intentionally or not. We evaluate your current state and create plans for culture development and employee engagement strategies to lead to a better workplace.


To further enhance the continuous development of employees and executives, we offer attitudinal and behavioral assessments and debrief sessions on an individual or group basis. Assessments we currently offer: Energy Leadership Index, Energy Leadership Index 360, Everything DiSC®, and The Five Behaviors™ powered by DiSC. 

project management

A dedicated, objective project manager will facilitate great change in an organization through effective project management methodologies.

Business Strategies

We will help your organization with development and implementation of strategic visioning, planning and change management initiatives.

organizational structure development

Strong foundations allow you to capitalize on your team’s potential. We help develop policies, procedures, benefits strategies, implement or optimize systems and process improvements. 

HR Edge

Give your organization an edge in your HR functions with a comprehensive HR Edge Audit or engage in an HR Edge Package to utilize human resources expertise when and where it best serves your organization.

executive coaching

Partnering with a certified coach will build strong leadership teams and take your leadership from functional to optimal levels of performance. Learn more about our coaching programs and see our coaching packages.